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What Covid 19 means for the construction industry.

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

We had just made it back from vacation when we heard that non-essential businesses were closing their doors until further notice. We couldn't help but think, "What does this mean for Monarch Stucco right now?"

As we left the marina from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini, we got word that our jobs in Boulder were shutting down due to the increase of Covid cases in Colorado. Soon after, word had broke that our reno project at Front Range Village in Ft. Collins would also be closing alongside the businesses that occupy the shopping center.

When uncertain news takes a positive turn.

Amidst this pandemic gaining in momentum, we tried to have a relaxing time while we could, knowing in just one weeks time we would need to return home to the potential of empty grocery stores and frantic Coloradans. As we spent our last day straightening up and getting ready to head home, we received a phone call from our long time friend at Advanced Stucco Design. (our partner on the Front Range Village job) Eric relayed to us an idea that we propose to Front Range Village. The proposal consisted of keeping our guys at work during the closure. Realistically, this would be the best time to complete the job in a shorter time frame given less shoppers would be in the work area.

They accepted our proposal, giving us the ability to continue setting up and work towards completing this massive renovation which had sustained rigorous damage from Colorado's last major hail storm. This was great news for all parties considered and just like that, we were back to work!

While nobody seems to truly know how extreme this virus will effect the United States, the discussion between essential and non-essential businesses operating at such time proves relevant. We are doing our part to stay inside, work from home when we can and continue to coach our employees on how to perform their jobs safely. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to continue allowing our employees to make their living for themselves and their families during this pandemic, when we all seem to need it the most.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below what you think will happen with the construction industry.

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