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Mirasol Phase 1 Deck Remediations

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Phase 1 Mirasol Senior Community in Loveland, CO had severe moisture intrusion issues in all of their decks from improper waterproofing when the building was originally developed. Signs of such problems were investigated and after partial demolition, it was found that the OSB/framing was destroyed in places from moisture and was deemed unsafe for future use. Because of this all of the decks needed to be removed completely and re-built from scratch.

(see images below of the newly framed decks)

Materials installed by Monarch Stucco Inc in the re-construction of these decks.

Waterproofing (Westcoat)

1.) Westcoat ALX Pro

"Westcoat ALX-PRO is a waterproof walking deck system. This bonded system is reinforced with metal lath, a fiberlath reinforced membrane, features a series of polymer-modified cementitious applications and is sealed with Westcoat’s SC-10 Acrylic Topcoat. The finished product weighs approximately 2½ lbs per square foot. This system gives plywood the look and feel of concrete with a decorative appeal." -Westcoat

(images below show close up of waterproof deck coating)

2.) Westcoat WP Wrap

"A supplemental waterproofing system used to provide additional waterproofing with reinforcement, along the perimeter of decks, over flashing and other challenging areas. It incorporates an asphalt-modified latex, elastomeric WP-95 Waterproofing Membrane, with a flexible engineered WP-45 Flashing Fabric, to create a seamless, reinforced waterproofing membrane." -Westcoat

(images below show close up of this flexible flashing)

Stucco (STO Corp)

1.) STO Powerwall Stucco

"StoPowerwall ci is an energy efficient stucco wall assembly with a continuous air and moisture barrier and continuous insulation. It combines the strength and durability of traditional stucco with an advanced cavity wall design and Sto high performance finishes." -Sto Corp

(images below showcase finished stucco system)

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